Asian Prayer House Intiative

The King of Kings Asian Prayer House is called to gather Asian nations to stand with Israeli believers as intercessors in order that God’s destiny for the Jewish People, the Nation of Israel and the “One New Man” of the New Covenant would become a reality.

Currently meeting in the Jerusalem Prayer Tower on the 14th floor of the Clal Building. Prayer watches are scheduled throughout the week. For more details, contact Derek Chang at [email protected].


derek chang

Derek Chang

Derek Chang has worked in other fields of ministry for a number of years, is an excellent Chef (having owned his own restaurants in the past). One of Derek’s greatest areas of anointing is in his gift of sounding the shofar and teaching others to do the same. Derek has a heart of servanthood and humility and will be helping the King of Kings team plant an Asian Prayer House and a Chinese Speaking Congregation.