HaEmet BeAhava Congregation Israel

About Us

Haemet Beahava (Truth in Love) was founded in Haifa in 2009 in Haifa the northern galilee region of Israel by Pastor Benny Moges, his wife and one other. Pastor Benny has a MA in social worker. Our members of the congregation are a committed group of born-again believers. Mostly Amharic Speakers but Messianic Jews believers, our weekly program is on Saturday have also prayer day on Wednesday, on this day pray for the land and for the peoples.

Our Vision:

To Love God! 

To Love People!

To Do Good Works!

Our Mission:

  • Preaching Gospel among people and make them the family members of our Lord Yashua Ha Messiah as mentioned in our script (Isaiah 60:1-7, Matthew 22:37-40, Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-20, Ephesians 2:10).
  • Evangelism and discipleship through the building up of believers in Christ.
  • Reaching out to Ethiopian Jewish youth the Drug/alcohol addicts, prisoners and the loss of sheep of Israel through the Gospel


Emit Beahava congregation works hard to make a difference in Haifa and its surrounding regions. The congregation of 50-60 shares the light of Messiah to the Ethiopian Jewish community and guides and helps its members to grow as believers and also to develop as productive members of Israeli society. it is estimated that nearly 90%of the Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews) in Israel live below the poverty line. Unfortunately Emit Beahava Congregation members share the poverty that is common to their people group in Israel.

Emit Beahava congregation meets as a congregation and as home fellowship groups. Almost none of the members have cars ‘ meaning that members take the bus to meetings. This “transportation” problem not only reduces the number of people who can attend meetings but places a financial hardship on the majority of congregational members.

We have several projects that seek to address our great needs in small, practical and important ways:

1. Shabbat Weekend: once a month, to help congregants overcome the difficulty of getting to meetings, we will begin Shabbat together on Friday evening to share a meal, have a fun–filled evening of fellowship, games for the children, singing, and a message from the word.

2. Our special service: We make to celebrate together the holidays members can enjoy together: Purim, Hanukkah, Yom Ha’tz’maut . Food, gifts for children and transportation.

3. Private Social Worker: A special need of our people is their inability to properly navigate the social service system in Israel. As a result, they suffer unnecessary financial hardship and violation of their rights as citizens of Israel. A great problem is their poor language skills. This project supplies a home visit by knowledgeable and understanding social workers who will advise and educate the beta Israel to improve their situation.

4. Bet Ahava (Distribution center for the needy): the center works 3 days a week to distribute food, clothes and books.

I want you to always remember us in prayer that Lord will guide and shed his spirit on our service.

Thanks, your prayer about our minster!!!

With the blessing of our Lord yeshwa,
Benny Moges
p.box 4613, Haifa, co 31042 Israel
97250-2655281 +
“speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things ,which is the head even Christ” Ephe.4:15