Welcome to the Israel Academy of Ministry. IAM is a practical training program designed around one or two week intensive classes which provide leaders the opportunity to gain knowledge, insights and develop specific strengths to assist them in improving their congregations, ministries and organizations. The program also provides training for assistant leaders, future leaders, and lay leaders, helping to bridge the gap between theological/doctrinal training and the practical skills that are essential to running ministries today.

IAM provides this practical training in three ways:

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Dealing with Same Sex-Attraction and Gender Identity

Whether it comes from within or from outside our congregations or ministries, dealing with same sex-attraction or gender identity has gotten into our communities and families and we only see the confusion increasing. In this new course, the Israel Academy of Ministry seeks to raise awareness of this challenge and support believers in Yeshua in their conversations and counselling activities with other believers who find themselves in a struggle with same-sex attraction and gender identity.

Coming back from Covid

After more than a year of lockdowns, closures, and restrictions due to the covid pandemic – how do we begin the transition back into a new-normal? What works and what should we leave behind. Our panel of experienced pastors from around the world will help untangle these questions and more in this one-night workshop Thursday May 6th from 6 pm to 8:30 pm online via Zoom. Due to the importance of this information, which is relevant for diverse leadership roles in business, ministry and congregational, the workshop will be offered free of charge.

IAM – Social Media Seminar

Social media platforms are often amazing tools to highlight your ministry or congregation offering unique benefits and options. However, these same platforms also come with several built-in hazards and unseen downsides. So, How can we use them to our benefit? And, where we should proceed with caution?  

To answer these questions and more – The Israel Academy of Ministry will be hosting a two-night seminar: Navigating Social Media’s Turbulent Landscapes: Making it Work for You, Monday and Tuesday, March 15th and 16th from 4-6 pm (Israel time) each day. The instructions will be taking place online on Zoom and costs 150 NIS ($46) / per person. If you use social media for your business, ministry or congregation, this course is designed for you. 

Online Training Course: Writing Your Grant Application Successfully
Enter the new year equipped and confident in this often-neglected area of financial development. Knowing how to approach a grant application with the right tools can determine the success of your application. This training course is designed with the beginner AND the advanced grant writer in mind. As a current example, we will be looking at a recent FIRM Foundation grant that was presented this past fall and the possible ways to improve our application.
Online Course: Hope, Healing, & Freedom: Shed Your Baggage and Experience Freedom

In association with Heritage House Ministries and their directors, Ira and Gloria Brawer, we are offering a three night course to help you overcome your wounds from the past. This course is a nine hour interactive seminar where you will experience the RTF (Restoring the Foundations) Integrated approach to healing and freedom.

Online Training in Pastoral Care: When Depression, Addiction, and Suicide Hits Your Congregation

Two suicides and one homicide hit the body of believers in Israel over the last few years. Do we know how to listen to those who are crying out for help? Are we, as leaders, prepared to help when we hear them? The Israel Academy of Ministry and Anchor of Hope Counseling Center want to help you feel confident when the temptations of depression, addiction, and suicide rise to the surface in your area of responsibility. We invite you to join us online for one evening with Katherine Snyder, Ph.D, who will be teaching on pastoral care and mental health in the congregation.

Ministering Effectively to People with Same-Sex Attraction

As pastors and leaders, how do we support believers and even our unbelieving friends that are wrestling with unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA)? What are the practical things we can do to help with understanding and sensitivity? Can there be freedom from unwanted SSA? If these are your questions and you are interested to learn more, then this course of the Israel Academy of Ministry (IAM) is for you.

The Road to Your Success in Grant Writing

Grants are very generous gifts but require a lot of work and many times a formal application. This course will provide you with an understanding of grant writing, it will give you insights of the grantor psychology, and help you to do your own independent grant research. During the course all students will write their own individual grant with the goal that one of our students will be selected as the winner of this particular grant.

IAM Roundtable: How to Start a Humanitarian Aid Ministry

Over 21% of Israelis live below the poverty line, equating to every fifth Israeli citizen or 1,780,500 people. Does your heart get distressed when you hear these numbers? When John says in 1 John 3:18 not to love in word or talk but in deed and in truth, do you feel that God is calling you to something bigger? Does the calling scare you? Are you unsure of where to start and what to do? This roundtable will be a great help for you.

Effective Small Groups and Discipleship - February 2018

We desire to see a strong body of believers in Israel that study God’s Word, love and encourage one another together. One of the core elements to do this is developing small groups and making disciples. Therefore, our next Israel Academy of Ministry class will focus on “The Effective Development of Small Groups and Discipleship”.

Look Behind the Curtain: What Leadership and Ministry Really Looks Like - September 2017

Are you called to be a leader in ministry and wonder what leading a ministry actually looks like? Or are you a young leader already serving in a ministry and you are looking for some good advice for increased leadership skills? What are the pitfalls? What are the challenges? What should I know before I accept this position? Well experienced pastors and ministry leaders will answer these and many more questions as they will share from their experiences, their struggles and challenges in ministry life, giving helpful tools for those entering a leadership position.

Effectively Ministering in the Arab and Muslim Communities - February 2017

Islam is the second largest religion in the world and it is growing the fastest of all the other major religions in the world. Jerusalem, being the third holiest city in Islam, plays a key role in this religion. Also, every fifth person in Israel is a Muslim. This four-day course helps believers in Yeshua to understand the background and the key features of the Muslim faith better, and enlightens believers in ways to minister to Arabs and Muslims effectively.

Mixing with Confidence - October 2016

No matter what size, every congregation needs a sound person, but it’s hard to find someone who knows what to do! Are you one of the people who were quickly thrown behind the soundboard and shown where to turn the volume up and down? Before you know it, you’re the “sound guy”, but you’re still a little lost! If this is you and you are interested in furthering your abilities on the soundboard, then mark your calendar! The Israel Academy of Ministry is offering our next three night course on “Mixing with Confidence” and you won’t want to miss it!

The Ministry of Conflict Resolution - June 2016

Every organization will eventually run into the challenge of ‘how to deal with conflicts and bring resolution to conflict and restore relationships.’ The purpose of this course is to help equip and teach leaders, but also staff, on how to deal with conflicts, how to solve a conflict, how to establish a healthy relationship of respect and cooperation after a conflict, and how to turn a negative conflict into a positive gain for all parties.

Fundraising and Networking - March 2016

The classes for this course: Personal Fundraising and Networking, Small Organization Fundraising, Large Organization Fundraising, and Game Changers – Donations that change the course of your organization.

Using Technology and Media in Ministry - January 2016

Technology and media is developing quickly and we want to learn how do use different technological tools for our purposes. This course will teach you about the most useful media tools available to any congregation, as well as the most recent social media applications.

Identifying and Training Leaders - Building Effective Teams - October 2015

This intensive teaches students how to find the potential leaders in their community, train and disciple them and put them into the position of leadership that best fits their gifts. By identifying leaders early, we can equip them to fill needed roles in the community. The course is taught by Pastor Chad Holland and Pastor Mundo Meneses, from Life Church in Memphis, TN.