King's Kindness Distribution Center

“…with everlasting kindness I will have mercy on you, says the Lord, your Redeemer.”
– Isaiah 54:8b –

The King’s Kindness Distribution Center is a vital outreach program that provides individuals and families in need with practical assistance. On a weekly basis, the center provides food supplies as well as donated clothing and other essential needs to new immigrants, families and individuals living below the poverty line.

Through this amazing center, we have been able to impact our local community, making life better for many families and for the elderly living in difficult situations in Jerusalem. As one of only a few programs that can assist families who are experiencing a temporary crisis due to loss of income or a sudden life change, the Kings Kindness Distribution Center serves as a vital lifeline providing families help to get back on their feet again.

How Can You Help?

-Pray for the staff and servants of the King’s Kindness Distribution Center as they provide this essential assistance to those in need.

-Click one of the buttons below to make a donation today to support the ongoing work of the King’s Kindness Distribution Center and help us share the hope of His everlasting kindness here in Jerusalem.