Advancing God’s Kingdom in Israel

and the nations by planting congregations, establishing training centers, creating business initiatives, fostering unity in the Body, and birthing local serving ministries that share the Messiah’s love in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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King of Kings Ministries Highlights

In 1981, Jim and Kathy Celan initiated the establishment of the King of Kings congregation in Jerusalem, which officially began in 1983 as a downtown Bible study group. Rapidly growing, it not only became a key destination for Christian visitors but also evolved into a multifaceted institution, encompassing the Israel College of the Bible, community service projects, and various cultural and educational initiatives. Over the years, this congregation has significantly influenced both local and international Christian communities, through its diverse programs and the development of additional congregations and services.


Congregations planted by, or connected to, King of Kings Ministries

Ebenezer Congregation Ashdod

Ebenezer Congregation Tel Aviv

King of Kings Community Modi'in

King of Kings Community Modi'in

King of Kings Community Ramle

Additional Congregations

We have planted and partner with other congregations in sensitive areas of the country that cannot be listed for their own safety


Ministries that are established or covered by King of Kings Ministries.
Our family of ministries is all about training and equipping the Body of Messiah in Israel and around the world.

Ministry in the Marketplace

We see our marketplace ministries as an opportunity to serve the local body of Messiah as well as develop interactions with local businesses and people living and working in the community. In addition, our properties serve as a home for many local congregations and our facilities host a variety of events from conferences to cultural, governmental and educational gatherings. Some of our business initiatives, such as Café Forte and AV Gear Israel, provide support services to our greater family of ministries as well as to the local community and visiting ministries.

C'lal Y'zamoot Properties

Heritage and Related Ministries

Ministries that KKM helped to establish at some point in the past, or continues to partner with regularly.